New Jersey Land Surveyor Requirements

Current State Requirements for a Land Surveyor in the State of New Jersey:


 24 PDH minimum biennially

15 PDH must be earned in core courses/activities (technical).

Renewal Date: Renewal occurs April 30 even years.

Statute: N.J.A.C. 13:40, N.J.A.C. 45:8



A new licensee by way of comity shall be responsible at the first biennial renewal for one PDH for each month since the New Jersey license was issued. Licensees who are residents of jurisdictions other than New Jersey must meet the continuing professional competency requirements for their resident jurisdiction. The requirements for New Jersey will be deemed as satisfied when a licensee provides evidence of having met the requirement of his or her resident jurisdiction, provided the requirements are not less than 24 PDHs per biennial renewal period. If the licensee resides in a jurisdiction that has no continuing professional competency requirements, the licensee must meet the requirements of New Jersey.



Applicable Course of Study


In the case of education courses and programs, each hour of instruction shall be equivalent to one credit.  A licensee seeking to take a course or program which the provider has not had pre-approved by the board may apply to the board for pre-approval or post-approval of the course or program offering. The licensee shall submit information similar to that which is required to be supplied by the course providers pursuant to N.J.A.C. 13:40-11.11(b)  The Board shall grant credit for successful completion of the following, provided that the course or program meets the criteria of the N.J.A.C. 13:40-11.11 and that any other source of credit directly and materially relates to the practice of land surveying:
(1) College courses;
(2) Continuing education courses;
(3) Correspondence, televised, videotaped and other short courses/tutorials;
(4) Seminars, in-house courses, workshops, and technical programs at professional meetings and conferences;
(5) Teaching or instruction in 1, 2, and 4 above;
(6)Published papers, articles or books authored by the licensee; and
(7) A land surveying examination in another jurisdiction.

Credit for PDHs will be granted as follows for each biennial renewal period:
(1) Successful completion of approved college level courses;
(a) Fifteen (15) PDHs for each semester hour credit awarded by the college; or 
(b) Ten (10) PDHs for each quarter hour credit awarded by the college;
(2) Successful completion of approved continuing education courses: 10 PDHs for each continuing education unit (CEU);
(3) Successful completion of approved correspondence, televised, videotaped and other short courses/tutorials:
(a) The amount of credit to be allowed for approved correspondence and individual study programs, including taped study programs, shall be recommended by the program provider based upon one-half (1/2) the average completion time calculated by the provider after it has conducted appropriate “field tests.” Although the program provider must make recommendations concerning the number of credit hours to be granted, the number of credit hours granted shall be determined by the board; and 
(b) Credit for approved correspondence and other individual study programs will be given only in the renewal period in which the course is completed with a successful final examination;
(4) Active participation in and successful completion of approved seminars, in-house courses, workshops and technical programs at professional meetings and conferences: one (1) PDH for each hour of attendance at an approved course. Credit will not be granted for courses which are less than one (1) contact hour in duration. Completion of an entire course is required in order to receive any credit;
(5) Teaching in 1, 2, and 4 above: 
(a) Service as an instructor, or workshop leader: one (1) PDH for reach instructional hour:
(b)The instructor or workshop leader will be given no credit for subsequent sessions in the same year involving substantially identical subject matter, except that after one year has elapsed the board may give one (1) additional PDH for each instructional hour of service as an instructor or workshop leader for the initial presentation, provided the original material has been updated; and 
(c) The maximum credit given for service as an instructor or workshop leader may not exceed 50 percent of the required PDHs for any biennial renewal period; 
(6) Authoring published papers, articles or books on technical surveying subjects that contribute to the professional competence of surveyors: one (1) PDH may be requested for each hour of preparation time on a self-declaration basis, not to exceed a total of 25 percent of the biennial requirement. A copy of the publication shall be submitted to the board with the request for credit; and 
(7) Successfully passing a land surveying examination in another jurisdiction: one (1) PDH for each hour of examination. All parts of the examination must be passed to receive credit for any part. The maximum credit given for successfully passing a land surveying examination in another jurisdiction may not exceed three (3) PDHs for each biennial renewal period.

A course of acceptable subject matter shall directly and materially relate to the practice of land surveying and shall be:
(1)A formal course of learning which contributes directly to the maintenance of professional competence of a licensee;
(2) At least one instructional hour in duration; and 
(3) Conducted by a qualified instructor or workshop leader.

A program provider or a licensee seeking board approval for a course of acceptable subject matter shall submit the following to the board:
(1) The program provider fee (for providers) or program review fee (for licensees) as set forth in N.J.A.C. 13:40-60.1; and 
(2) Information to document the elements of acceptable course matter guidelines, in writing and on a form provided by the board, including, but not limited to: 
(a) A detailed description of course content and estimated hours of instruction; and 
(b) The curriculum vitae of the lecturer, including specific background which qualifies the individual as a lecturer of repute in the area of instruction.

Proof of Compliance


Proof of completion of the required number of professional development hours shall be in the form outlined in N.J.A.C. 13:40-11-7. At the time of application for biennial land surveyor license renewal, licensees shall provide on forms approved by the board, a signed statement certifying that the required number of PDHs has been completed. The statement shall include where applicable the following:
(1) The dates attended;
(2) PDHs claimed;
(3) The title of the course and a description of its content;
(4) The school, firm, or organization providing the course;
(5) The instructor; and 
(6) The course location.

Licensees shall maintain all evidence, as set forth below, of completion of PDH requirements for two biennial periods after completion and shall submit documentation to the board upon request. The board will review the records of licensees from time to time, on a random basis, to determine compliance with continuing competency requirements. Documentation of continuing competency requirements shall consist of the following:
(1) A log showing the type of activity claimed, providing organization, location, duration, instructor’s or speaker’s name and credit claimed;
(2) Attendance verification records in the form of college transcripts, completion certificates, paid receipts, and any other documents supporting evidence of attendance;
(3) For publications, submission of the published article; and 
(4) For teaching, a statement of appropriate authority verifying the activity.



Failure to maintain records or falsification of any information submitted with the renewal application may result in an appearance before the board, and upon notice to the licensee and the opportunity for a hearing, penalties and/or suspension of the license. The failure on the part of a licensee to renew his or her biennial certificates as required shall not relieve such person of the responsibility to maintain professional competence. At the time of application for restoration, the licensee shall submit satisfactory proof to the board that he or she has successfully completed all delinquent PDHs. If the total credits required to become current exceeds 30, then 30 shall be the maximum number required. However, an additional 24 PDHs will still be required at the next biennial renewal.

Disallowed Credits


No PDH credit may be claimed for appearing as an expert witness, or providing expert witness testimony at hearings or trials.

Carryover Hours Allowed


8 PDH maximum per renewal



The board may, in its discretion, waive continuing competency requirements on an individual basis for reasons of hardship, such as illness or disability, or other good cause. Any licensee seeking a waiver of the continuing competency requirement must apply to the board in writing and set forth with specificity the reasons for requesting the waiver. The licensee shall also provide the board with such additional information as it may reasonably request in support of the waiver request. A new licensee by way of examination shall have all continuing competency requirements waived for the first renewal period. A licensee serving on active duty in the armed forces of the United States for a period of time exceeding 120 consecutive days in a calendar year shall have all continuing competency waived for that year.







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