Land Boundary Retracement Law Details

"Land Boundary Retracement Law For Engineers & Surveyors"

8 Professional Development Hours

Duration  8 hrs (8 PDH)

Year  2007

  A review of the law and procedure observed in land boundary retracement. Covers Title Concepts and Deed Interpretations (rural vs urban, fee simple absolute interest, deed interpretation, resolving ambiguities, original vs retracement survey, judicial direction, simultaneous and sequential conveyances), Boundary Evidence and Retracement (U.S. Rectangular Land Survey System issues, metes and bounds descriptions, monuments control, existent/obliterated/lost corners, sectionalized land retracement, right-of-way acquisition), Easement Interests and Adverse Possession Issues (easement creation and termination, grant easements, prescriptive easements, common law dedication, extinguishment of easements, adverse possession statutes), Liability Issues, and Court Case Analysis. With workbook.