Americans With Disabilities Act Outline

*Tentative Outline: The official Outline will appear in the Course Manual*



 "Don't Let the ADA Disable You"

Continuing Professional Competency  -  8 PDH Course

Instructor: M. John Steensland, Jr., PE, PLS, JD


7:45  -  8:00     Registration 

8:00  -  10:00   Overview of American's With Disabilities Act (1990) And Other Related Statutes: Statutory Authority and Regulations (Public Law 101-336, 104 Stat. 327)  42 U.S.C.A. §§ 112101-12113 (1990) et seq. -- Title I: Employment Practices -- Title II: Public Services and Transportation -- Title III: Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities; ADA Special Legal Definition of Disability;  Technical Assistance provided by U. S. Department Of Justice;  The Architectural Barriers Act of 1968; Florida American with Disabilities Accessibility Implementation Act § 553.501 Florida Statutes (1997); General Liability Issues. Case Studies 

10:00 -  10:15  Break 

10:15 -  12:00  ADA Title II - AMERICANS with DISABILITIES ACT ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES (ADAAG). Essential Elements of Accessibility. ADA Compliance Facilities Audit. U. S. Department Of Justice Jurisdiction and Certification Of State and Local Accessibility and Building Codes. U. S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board. Standards For New Construction and Standards For Alterations in Places of public Accommodation and Commercial Facilities; 28 CFR Part 36 (Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board); 36 CFR Part 1191 (Department Of Transportation): 49 CFR part 37 (Detectable Warnings). Owner, Operator and Design Professional Liability Issues. Computer-Based ADA Design Aids.   

12:00 -  1:00    Lunch 

1:00  -  2:30     Specific Design Codes Applicable to ADA. Louisiana --  Physically or Mentally Handicapped. 46 La. Rev. Stat. 2254; White Cain Law. 46 La. Rev. Stat. Secs. 1952-1954; Physically and mentally handicapped 46 La. Rev. Stat. 1954; Physically and Mentally handicapped. 46 La. Rev. Stat. 1311 et seq.; public and private Facilities. CABO/ANSI A117.1; 40 La. Rev. Stat. 1731. Specific ADA compliance adaptations For Various Facilities. Federally Promulgated Accessibility Guidelines: The Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS). Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG). Owner, Operator and Design Professional Liability Issues. Case Studies 

2:30  -  2:45     Break 

2:45  -  4:45     Liability Issues For ADA Non-compliance. Who Is Responsible For ADA Compliance?  What Are The Legal Remedies For Non-Compliance? Statutory Non-compliance Remedies. Common Law Non-compliance Remedies against Design Professionals. Violation of ADA Statute or Regulation as Negligence Per Se. Case Studies.